About Me

My name is Rajeshwaran Gajendran and I was born on 17-Sep-1985 in Bangalore, India. I did my schooling (1-10th std) from SJT Surana Jain Vidyalaya in Chennai, India and my higher secondary schooling (11th & 12th std) from GSS Jain Vidyalaya in Chennai, India. I did my Bachelor’s degree in the field of Electronics & Communication (Year 2003-07) from SRM Institute of Science & Technology in Chennai, India.


I started my carrier with Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd, India in August 2007 as a Software Engineer where I was involved in 2G/3G conformance testing and AT command development. Then I moved to Bangalore in November 2010 to work with Teleca Software Solutions. I was developing test cases for T-Mobile operator using Rapid Test Designer for HSPA+ features such as Fast Dormancy (FD), DTX & DRX. I prepared test specifications for AT&T and T-Mobile Operators in USA which contains details about test case description, call flow, success & failure criteria and network settings.

I later found an oppourtunity to work in Germany in April 2012 as a 2G/3G/LTE Protocol Stack Conformance test engineer with Intel, Germany. I was performing GCF/PTCRB Protocol Stack Conformance testing of GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE, LTE Advanced test cases on Intel mobile platform using Anite and Rohde & Schwarz simulator. I was also doing execution of LTE RRM FDD & TDD test cases on R&S RRM Conformance Test System (TS8980).

Since 6 years I am working at Deutsche Telekom as a consultant. I am developing test scripts for 2CA, 3CA & 4CA (Carrier Aggregation), VoLTE, CMAS, Handover, Roaming and Cell-reselection scenarios using R&S CMWcards. Execution of carrier aggregation throughput measurement and mobility test cases using CAT6 and higher mobile devices on CMW 500 R&S Simulator/lab/live environment. Providing technical end-to-end support for readiness of LTE-Advanced 3 Carrier Aggregation, 4x4 MIMO within the German LTE network. Debugging issues by analyzing UE modem traces and identifying root cause of issues.


Summary of my Work Experience:

  • 14 years of professional experience in Telecommunication domain.

  • Working experience in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle such as Requirements & Design document preparation, Development, Bug fixing, Testing and Configuration Management.

  • Good understanding of GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G and IMS concepts & procedures, call flow, Layer 3 signaling messages and failure analysis skills.

  • Good knowledge on 3GPP specifications TS 36.523-1, TS 36.521-3, TS34.229-1, TS 34.123-1, TS 31.124, TS 31.121, TS 51.010-1, TS 51.010-4, TS 25.331, TS 24.008 & TS 27.007.

  • Extensive hands-on experience in performing 2G/3G/LTE/5G protocol stack conformance testing and LTE RRM conformance testing. Validation of different mobile platforms on Anite, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and Comprion IT3(SIM Application Toolkit) network simulators.

  • Experience in developing test cases and test scripts using Rohde & Schwarz CMWcards for T-Mobile (Germany) and Rapid Test Designer using Anritsu network simulator for AT&T/T-Mobile operators.

  • AT command development and testing experience in 3G Non-Access Stratum layer of UE protocol stack.

Technical Skills:

Technologies: GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G, Femtocell

Test Equipments: Anite (SAT 2G, USAT 3G & Anite 9000)

                            Anritsu (MD8480C & MD8430A)

                            Rohde & Schwarz (CRTU-G, CRTU-W, CMW 500, RRM TS8980)

                            Comprion IT3(Sim Tool Kit Application)

Automation Tools: Accuver MAIS Solution (Test Manager)

                               Rohde & Schwarz - Project Explorer, Test case Explorer, CMWcards

                               Anite Conformance Toolset


Trace Tools: Accuver, QXDM(Qualcomm)




                     System Trace Tool(Intel)

                     Protocol Analyzer

                     Mobile Analyzer


Employment History:

Organization     : Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd, India (Aug 2007 – Nov 2010)

Designation       : Software Engineer


Organization      : Teleca Software Solutions, India (Nov 2010 – Jan 2012)

Designation        : Senior Software Engineer


Organization      : Talent Telecom Solutions, Germany (Apr 2012 – Sep 2013)

Designation        : Senior Protocol Stack Engineer – Mobile Communication


Organization      : Intel Mobile Communications, Germany (Oct 2013 – Sep 2015)

Designation        : System Verification Engineer


Organization      : ORBIT IT Solutions, Germany (Oct 2015 – Till Date)

Designation        : Senior Mobile Validation Engineer

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