LTE is specified in 3GPP release 8 and release 9. LTE Advanced(LTE+) is specified in 3GPP release 10 and later. The main difference between LTE and LTE Advanced is that carrier aggregation has been introduced in LTE advanced. Also the number of antennas supported by MIMO has been increased from 2 to 8 in LTE advanced.

The main focus of LTE Advanced is to offer higher data throughput in a cost efficient way. LTE Advanced offers

  • Increased peak data rate, DL 3 Gbps, UL 1.5 Gbps

  • Higher spectral efficiency, from a maximum of 16bps/Hz in R8 to 30 bps/Hz in R10

  • Increased number of simultaneously active subscribers

  • Improved performance at cell edges, e.g. for DL 2x2 MIMO at least 2.40 bps/Hz/cell.

Some of the key functionalities in LTE Advanced are,

  • Carrier Aggregation(Uplink/Downlink)

  • Higher order MIMO (4x4 and 8x8 MIMO)

  • Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination(ICIC/eICIC)

  • Coordinated Multi Point operation (CoMP)

  • Support for Relay Nodes and Heterogeneous networks

LTE Advanced

LTE evolution